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8 Week Live Group Coaching Program

highlights of group coaching!

  • Weeks 1-4, no stone will go unturned as your Land Boss coach will thoroughly answer live, any questions related to all 8 modules in Travis's Land Flipping Mastery flagship course. You will become brilliant at the basics and be ready to dive into advanced strategies!

  • Week 5, you will learn Travis's proprietary & powerful 'Land Sniping' technique where you learn how to hyper-target subdivisions and pocket areas!

    • Bonus Modules Included: Land Sniping & Pricing Blind Offers

  • Week 6, Travis's reveals his revolutionary, game-changing tactic of how to intentionally target duplicate owners and portfolio owners to pull off a 'Portfolio Takedown'!

    • Mini Course Included: Portfolio Takedowns; The Untapped Goldmine of Duplicate Owners

  • Week 7, Travis reveals his 'Trophy Hunting' tactic, yet another innovative strategy to achieve outsized returns while targeting lists no one else is hitting.

    • Mini Course Included: Trophy Hunting; Huge Paydays Harvesting 'Trophy Properties'!

    • Bonus Module: Funding & Leveraging Other People's Money

    • Week 8

      • Learn the ins & outs of seller financing, how to implement and leverage seller financing without the headaches. High Interest rates are good...when you're the lender!

        • Mini Course Included: The Art of Seller Financing; Mastering Land Notes

Wait, there's more!

  • Lifetime access to recordings/archives of live coaching calls so that you can re-watch and revisit the most frequently asked questions and answers related to the training

  • Lifetime Access to Land Flipping Mastery Course and all included mini-courses so you don't have to continue paying to keep accessing your training content

  • Free Access to course updates so that you are always current in today's market using the latest strategies

  • Free Support so you we can help you if you get stuck or have any issues accessing your training content

  • Access to Private Community Packed with other like-minded investors you can learn from, network with and do deals with so that you don't have to go at it alone

  • Access to Deal Funding (short on cash or just don’t want to risk your own? Problem solved, you are eligible to submit your deals for funding). This benefit is Priceless and is offered so that you can go after large profitable deals from the start and not be limited by your bank account and stay stuck doing small deals.

  • Access to instant Assignments/Wholesaling. Interested in assigning a contract and collecting a quick $5k or $10k+ assignment fee? Group Coaching alumni get access to submitting deals to Travis for assignment opportunities.

  • Some of Travis Top Students first started with this same group coaching program and many are now full time investors! We all have to start somewhere and this is the best place to accelerate your results so that you don't have to waste a year or two going at it alone using the trial and error method trying to see what works and what doesn't.

What it'll do for you

  • Provide live instruction so you can go deeper than just consuming an online course, you can actually be a part of a group and get live training from an instructor who has been where you are

  • Live questions & answers so you never get stuck and can get questions resolved immediately so that you don't find yourself google searching or trolling through forums hoping to mine out answers to your land flipping questions

  • In addition to learning how to buy land at a discount and quickly re-sell for full market will learn advanced strategies that will help you achieved outsized returns and frontload your career with big deals!

  • Learn alongside other motivated, action-oriented individuals like yourself, expand your network! You need a network, a support system and accountability so that you can borrow confidence and expertise when you need it and stack the odds in your favor. There is no need to go at it alone because when you graduate group coaching, you are an alumni and you will have likely built bonds and friendships with other investors along the way

  • Teaches you how to become a Land BOSS (let's be honest here, unless you're curing cancer.....most people want to turn this side hustle thing into a full time income and become full time land investors...Land Bosses!

  • There is so much potential to scale a land business that you may find yourself wanting to scale right through and past the side hustle stage and really build a land flipping empire. Some of Travis' top students have come from group coaching and are happy to tell you just how much value they got and how instrumental it was to their success!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from everything else I've seen?

Most trainings nowadays are vague, broad theory teaching outdated methods. This group coaching experience is different. Be a part of Live training that teaches current methods that work in todays market, leveraging the most cutting edge powerful web tools. First we start with getting you brilliant at the basics of our flagship course (Land Flipping Mastery) then me transition into my proprietary and powerful strategic campaigns. You will be walked through step by step instructions, be able to ask live questions and get live answers along the way.

What's In It For Me?

If you want to become the best, you need to learn from the Best. In addition to learning the latest strategies, using the most current tools, you will also get community access to connect, network, even partner with other more experienced land investors on deals. Leveraging others and their networks is a secret to accelerated success!

How do I know if this is real?

About 10 years ago I was working a job, putting in 50+ hours a week and during my commutes to work I would listen to podcasts about real estate investing. I came across the topic of land flipping and it excited me but I was highly skeptical having tried and failed at several previous side hustles. I tried to teach myself and there was a lot of trial and error. We had some early success but probably left a couple hundred thousand dollars on the table by taking the do it yourself, go at it alone approach. Therefore I recommend you taking the much faster path and shortcut yourself to land flipping success and not have to endure the years of trial & error and lose out on hundreds of thousands of dollars, like me. That is why I created this live group coaching, so that you don't have to go at it alone or take years to figure it out.

What's holding me back?

Too little time, too little money? I can teach you how to flip land with little time and money. Want to only do a couple big deals a year, not a problem. Want to scale up your business, not a problem. I can partner with you on deals or put you in touch with other funders. Learn how to make the land business work for you!

Who / What Is To Blame?

- Too many opportunities, shiny object syndrome, jumping from one opportunity to the next or one program to the next

- Teaching outdated methods or things that worked decades ago, not in todays market

- Using clunky tools, that lock you in contracts and cost you time and money

- Getting your education from someone who is not actively doing deals or who only knows one market

Why Now?

- Either your bills have went up with this crazy inflation or your income has went down with the recent downturn in the economy. You need to build a six figure second income that can either supplement your job income or provide a six figure safety net..... if that secure job gets pulled out from under you!

-Land flipping has been a proven method for years so you can start earning that cash flow.

- There are over 3,100 counties in the United States and over 154,135,321 parcels of land so there is an abundance of opportunity since you can invest from anywhere virtually and it doesn't have to be in your backyard like house investing

- People want to sell their land and some people have several parcels of land to sell you! Many will sell at 25 cents to 50 cents on the dollar. People need money now more than ever in this economy and this creates opportunity for you.

What Should I Trust You?

-I have personally completed hundreds and hundreds of land flips myself and have scaled my business from 6 figures to 7 figures after years of trial and error.

-After building out a system that worked for me I started sharing it on others years ago by helping people one on one and 1 person at a time, long before I ever even thought of becoming an authority in the space

- I have since helped hundreds of students become LAND BOSSES and achieve Financial Freedom.

- You can see our testimonials page to see dozens and dozens of my raving students who have used my proven system to do big profitable deals and transform their business!

-I'm REAL, I'm AUTHENTIC! I am not a persona or some carefully crafted guru personality. I am a Dad, a Husband, a Believer in Christ and I won't compromise any of those things for financial gain. What you see, is what you get!

-I am a guy who has been where you are and get get you where you want to go!

How does it work?

- You sign up for group coaching and alongside a group of other motivated investors you will attend weekly live training sessions for 8 weeks straight. As you have questions along the just ask during our live coaching or in our dedicated group coaching discussion thread. This provides an environment where you are never going at it alone. Myself and my team are in your corner helping you get to your first deal or get your first BIG deal as quickly as possible.
-I absolutely love group coaching as I get to see people learn, earn and connect with each other over the 8 week period. Witnessing the epiphanies and "aha" moments group coaching attendees have along the way as they learn my proprietary & profitable methods are well worth the time, effort & energy that went into building out this program.

What do I have to lose?

- Time and money!

- I probably left One Hundred to Two Hundred Thousand dollars on the table by staying stuck in the paralysis by analysis learning stage my first year. Don't repeat this mistake. Take the Fastlane to Success and don't sacrifice that first year to being stuck in learning mode.

- Start doing deals, Start Connecting with other high level land investors, Start Your Land Flipping Journey out right by joining our 8-Week live group coaching.

How can I get started?

Pete Christianson

”What Travis taught me will make us millions. It has already made us $10,600 on our first deal. What you learn with Travis will give you the right foundation to be successful in land investing. Don’t mess around. Hire this guy and learn from his years of experience. Worth every penny! "

Matt Claeys

“Travis is willing to work incredibly hard to make certain you are successful in your land business. Travis has been able to help me transform my business and investing mindset to begin achieving my goals. I am really proud of learning the process of subdividing land and creating additional value. My big dream at this point is to make enough money that I can retire comfortably in the future. I wasn't able to see how that was going to happen investing in the stock market. Travis has provided a roadmap that will help me achieve this goal quicker and faster than I could have possibly achieved without his help."

Johnny Forgione

”What Travis taught me will make us millions. It has already made us $10,600 on our first deal. What you learn with Travis will give you the right foundation to be successful in land investing. Don’t mess around. Hire this guy and learn from his years of experience. Worth every penny! "

Ajay Sharma

“Ajay said, ”DO IT!!!! Travis helped me understand how to get "laser focus" on growing and scaling my land business. With the help of Travis, I feel that my business is ready to take the next step in scaling up from a "side-hustle" to a business. Travis helps you define aspects of your business that you didn't know existed, and break down topics into Layman's terms so everyone can understand it. The cost of his training is insignificant compared to the value you receive. This thought doesn't even take into account the funding offered, Slack channel. If you're on the fence of signing up and are looking for steps to take your business to the next level, Travis is your answer."

Josh Chasse

“Innovative, Enthusiastic, Committed! Travis has a fantastic approach to planning and goal setting, and he provides data driven, realistic expectations for the business. I've also appreciated all of the extra time he's taken to talk through questions to ensure I'm on track. I love our plan for the year, we're already on target with the properties we've sold and the others in our pipeline! Working with him is a great investment!!”

Jason Larson

“Being a newer investor, I did not have the funds available to take down this larger deal I had under contract. Travis’ and his company Freedom Land Capital stepped in and funded the whole deal for me which ended up netting me $55,010.73 in profits! !”

Buck Rizvi

“Hi, Buck Rizvi here. I recently graduated from Travis King's land flipping mastery course, and I must say I am incredibly impressed. I have been involved in land investing for the last 14, 15 months. I've had good success, but Travis really opened my eyes to what's possible by focusing on much bigger transactions and much more profit per transaction, rather than duking it out over table scraps, selling much smaller parcels. I feel that the training that I received will have at least a 10X ROI on what I paid, which for me, in my business, based on where I am, is going to mean millions of dollars in additional profit for my business. I highly recommend Travis King, if you're considering his land flipping mastery course.”

Stacey Richardson

“My name is Stacey Richardson and over the last year I have participated in Travis King’s Land Flipping Mastery and 1:1 coaching and I wholeheartedly give my highest recommendation to any training he provides. I have paid for two other land investor trainings and though the first one got me into the game, there is honestly no comparison between the training that Travis provides and the other trainers I have been involved with. With Travis there is no fluff, no filler, no artificial colors or flavors! 100% of the time spent with Travis is focused on well-developed, well-presented, battle tested, land investing training. I am happy to speak to speak with anyone that has specific questions, you can reach me at

Danielle Scillia

“This is the third program I have taken and I feel like this course really offered something different. It is cutting edge and really helps you hone in on today's market. This course helped me steer my business above and beyond the crowded space of land investors. I highly recommend Travis. He is down to earth and clearly loves to help others grow. If I had to choose a community and education - it would definitely be Land Flipping Mastery with Travis. Travis has his finger on the pulse and is always evolving with the fast moving market changes in the land space. He keeps his students ahead of the masses with fresh ways to target markets and leads, and everything in between. His education is streamlined and void of the fluff. I’m grateful to be part of his community!”

Chad & Hailey Swanson

“We just sold our first property that we purchased, using methods through your training program, we purchased it for $20,000 and sold it for $60,0000!  We sold it using Mike, the agent you introduced us to”.

Karre H.

“Wow! What a thorough, well thought out and put together course. An employee introduced me to land investing. He paid for multiple courses that I took a look at before I paid for my own. Of all those courses and the hours of YouTube videos that I've watched, this is by far a game changer. Some of those guys might be great at investing, but teaching and communicating concepts is a different story. I spent hours waiting on trainers to get to the point. Travis knows what he's going to say, what you need to know and he lays it out clearly and concisely. If he talks for 45 minutes, you better believe he packed value into every one of those minutes. He shares his tools, shortcuts and advice. He's quick to respond to questions and he truly is helping for the joy of sharing his experience with others. I've already signed up for another course and I recommend anything that he takes the time to put together. You won't be disappointed.! Happy Investing!!”

About Travis King

With well over 7 figures of land investment deals and hundreds of transactions under his belt, Travis has established himself in the land investing industry as a "no-nonsense" powerhouse investor and The Top Coach for Intermediate & Advanced Investors.

His methods are based on precise calculations and strategies using state-of-the-art software and tools known to only the top 1% in the business.

Travis has built his business by overdelivering on value.

Now he wants to help build your wealth through calculated, strategic land education using current strategies for today's market.